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Apple's mini iPad news

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Making waves on CNN for hours at a time yesterday, the typical excitement of news about a new reduced stature iPad for mobile users, this time set to cost $325 on average IIRC, what they DIDN'T mention is ANY competition between Apple and Microsoft's Windows 8 ARM version SURFACE tablet, proposed to release before the month ends

Any of you guys thinking of buying one or the other, and your thoughts on the FREE preview of Windows 8 ending?? Will you opt to buy a copy???

I installed two or three versions, one is actually tied to my online accounts, using a laptop limited to the 32bit version, I did download a 64bit version of Windows 8, but keep in mind, the early ARM release is truly intended for tablets, the later DELUXE version will cover PC and transitional Ultrabook style computing (via a new electronic Surface, I'm guessing), so, an OS that can share mobility and desktop more handily! I'm not sure off hand if the PC like Surface is using Ivy Bridge, but the processor was designed to be powerful under minimal power requirements!

It should permit gaming as such, portable devices using Ivy Bridge, if used for Win8 should allow the internal GPU to strut it's stuff.

Price for Surface is going head to head with the original iPad, 1 or 2, price category, $499 I believe, it was expected a NON-ARM powered Surface will sell higher, and as you know, PS3's when new sold at retail for $600 usd

Can they get a new product out again asking that much??

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