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Rockstar Release High-res Digital LCS and VCS Maps

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In honour of the recent releases of Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories on the PlayStation Network, Rockstar have released high-res digital versions of the original printed maps that came with retail copies of the games. This follows on from a similar move they made last December with high-res GTA trilogy maps after the arrival of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas on PSN. Click the thumbnails below to see them in full size.


gtalcsmap_th.jpg gtavcsmap_th.jpg


Link: Rockstar Newswire

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One of my favorite audio jokes/satire is the organizational protest of Citizens for Negating Technology that appears in Liberty City Stories, a game that sold the most of PSP titles the book JACKED reads, and it also points out that after years of public hassles from lawyer activist Jack Thompson, this in-game audio bit is directed at him, the book points out that a faux-email appeared on Rockstar's site that makes it more obvious, at the time, anyway, doubt they left it up on whatever site link it was on. However, they couldn't help but know who Thompson is when you read all about his side in the controversy from the book Jacked.

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