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First place to visit in GTA V?


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There is a marquee in GTA IV for Love Fist, and many people have expressed an interest in seeing them return, it seemed better formulated humor for Love Fist then it was for Crow, which seemed to me, more poking fun at Australians in particular. But there was also the idea of musicians having concert benefits for strange causes. It's never a bad thing per se, but Rockstar opted to do some satirization anyway

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I did the introductory mission as a lot of you did, some immersed headlong in the mission structure, while I did what I typically did, look for various means of transpo to try out, and get a feel for the map, which I'm near to uncovering in the game display by traversing the whole of the game area, Initially I flew a heli over a large section, but for the in-game map it didn't seem to do much of anything, so I went about in all ground based vehicles as well as walking and running. For me it's part of the Journey of discovery and fun in GTA.

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