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Xbox live gamertags // Find friends to compete with!


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Here's to hoping you already added them to your profile stats, I get tired of the relentless join my gang requests on Newswire, when if we want to play with you, it's not that hard! People hit me up on Social Club email system as well, but the sad thing is when offline from the consoles's respective Networking for any amount of considerable time, the messages empty out, so make contact outside of the online Xbox or Playstation infrastructure, it's much more advisable to remember that

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Wasn't I using SpeeDeaThrash with XBLive as well? Damn, I see the one I have on my profile isn't that. BUT, I just checked in with XBL using a USB based profile, it's registered for online gaming, it got mated to Windows Live when I set up Windows 8 use for the first time, so it works nicely with their tied in cloud software system, that's the benefit of going with Microsoft Windows on PC.


For the record, you can hit me up to friend you via TheGMmadman, my original choice for Xbox360 online, as I've owned only GM cars ever! hahaha

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I'll be after a mic for my PSN/PS3, hopefully, I am a big fan of hands free communication, though I've used the controller and USB keyboards on both systems.

I'm going to primarily use the shared name accounts for PSN and XBL so people can find me rather easily, and if I didn't mention it already, SpeeDeaThrash is my Twitter account as well! ha ha


I used that moniker for a great many years now actually. 


A note to anyone wondering about the other site, GTAChronicles, it's offline for the moment because the site host missed a bill payment, hopefully Trip Mills can correct that since he signed on to help us pay the bills, and he should still be committed to the cause of having GTAC online and available as long as there's a need for it. A lot of time and effort went into building that site, and as long as we can keep the lights on, I'll be tending the shop over there as well.

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