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Just finally beat the storyline

Spaz The Great

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So, due to work and school and the such I JUST beat the storyline. Holy hell, that was a fun fucking ride. I kind of expected it to last a little longer, but then again I never expect a ride this fun to end. Touche, Rockstar, this was the game I've been waiting for. This is the game I wish GTA IV was, that game just didn't deliver like this one did.

Damn guys, I don't even know what to say. I'm just sitting here, drunk, watching these credits roll. Fucking great game. Beautiful story, and now I just get to watch Chestnut's game and see what options she chooses. Can't wait. What did you guys think of this game as a whole? What did you feel when those credits rolled?

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Rockstar has finally managed to kick Vice City's story down to second place with GTA V (I still feel Vice City has the best atmosphere, though). I'm on my third playthrough and I still can't get enough of it. One scene that particularly stood out to me was the confrontation between Michael and Trevor in North Yankton, when Trevor learned the truth about Brad and how much of a snake Michael really is. The raw emotion in the voice acting of that scene was, to me at least, just amazing. Especially Michael's line when he tells Trevor to "take the fucking shot!"

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