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Riots and Protests echo 1992 L.A.


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Those riots that play a big part in the final chapter of 10 year old GTA San Andreas were the real results of the Rodney King beating officers getting off the hook in the legal system, and it's seen as unjust punishment for black communities seen as targetted by white (predominently) police forces in various pockets of the Country.


A news report online says that the World is watching the fall out of the Ferguson MO police shooting, Michael Brown the victim, is reported the aggressor putting the police officer in question as risk, it's seen that way, that there was reasonable fear for his life.


This caused outbreaks of protests across North America, in which only a block from where I live now, a hit and run incident occured where a car blocked by the protests outside a police station resulted in that car trying to drive through the street packed with protesters just starting a night-time march through the streets, starting around rush hour only added to the difficulty they imposed. ALL traffic was re-routed for several hours, harrowing news footage aired of the most chaotic incident shot live from the air. I was only aware of the increased traffic outside my window, and having to go do some shopping, I saw the demonstrations still taking place.


Sound off on this issue in this thread, what do you make of the incident of last August and the way people have been going about dealing with it, and what should happen to fix again, another systemic breakdown as it appears, within our systems of Goverment and control. There's a real fear of having not enough protection and justice, Or of it being too heavy handed and militaristic. People want, genuinely, the peace keeping forces to be in touch with the community in which they patrol and protect. Which sounds the most reasonable wy to start conversations in a Peaceful manner.


If you think about the BIG picture, in a society where violence were curtailed to a good extent, if not completely, could people use computer / video games to deal with their anger and frustration? Their built up tensions that should be released some how? Is it enough? I wonder myself if that would be enough of a cathartic release. I feel demonstrations have their place, but now you have Social Media and website outlets, that in general, get your message out much further and effectively then a street protest hoping for attention and coverage.



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With due respect to blacks out there (well since I have friends myself who are black), but it just goes to show how what the bad apples in the bunch did accounts for why people look down upon African Americans as "hood-rats" and all those racial slurs to which I cannot mention. There's a bit of a point as to why the local police force is stepping up on curbing the protests and riots ensuing, but the juggernaut suits and military-grade kit does indeed sound overkill and draconian. I don't want to take sides or anything, but both sides have their own shortcomings if you think about it. The officer responsible should've known better and resorted to a less-than-lethal way to deal with the kid, and while I sympathise with Mr. Brown's relatives and friends, I don't think they're any better either, considering they were involved in not-so-savoury activities as well. Also, while I do know and agree they've been through racism and discrimination for centuries, I think some blacks use the race card for the wrong reasons.

Imo Americans need to take a good, good look at themselves as to how they're losing their grip on real values and how they mire themselves into superficiality and so much hedonism. The same goes for how the embrace gun culture and how they treat them like mere playthings when it's obvious those things are meant to hurt and maim rather than as a tool for actual protection.

And yes it does indeed remind me of San Andreas' final chapters. The GTA series in general is, from how I see it, is an allegory to the rampant corruption and hedonism modern society is mired in. For sure the games are crass and violent, but it's in part played for irony and social commentary.

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The scary scene in Minneapolis the other day, a car driving over protesters appeared to be a deadly incident, I live only about a block away from where this happened, and it's been on nearly EVERY US news service I've seen, Inside Edition most recently this evening covered the riots and again mentioned MPLS, however, depending on where you hear this news, the info will vary, They excluded the portion about the car stopping several blocks down the street and the driver cooperating with police, the incident under investigation at present. One person on camera said that the driver felt it MORE important to get home for dinner then to stop and allow for the proper time and detour to safely avoid them.


When I went to the store for beverage, police had already blocked off the intersection (the crowd gathered outside the police station and then went North to march along the freeway running from MPLS to St Paul, Minnesota, at that time the street was blocked but empty outside of police patrols.


As to the issue, it's rather cloudy because people protesting weren't there, I'm inclined to even side with the parents of such youth if and really, only if, they practice a loving environment at home with proper knowledge of what their kids are doing on a daily basis, The police officer in question has said he was in fear for his life, believing Michael Brown would take his gun in a second attempt, however, even first reports I heard of this was that he was running away and then turned and again approached the officer, already having provoked some physical confrontation within his cruiser, where the initial incident cited took place, in very close quarters.

The events that happened at that exact time and beforehand are still a mystery. People protesting forget what that means, they forget what lacking facts means, they forget that rioting, looting, and wanton destruction is hurting THEIR OWN community, it's not sending any helpful, positive message, it's pure acting in anger and thinking anything is then acceptable for you to act out aggression in any manner you see fit. They burned and destroyed their own community in effect, this has no reflection on the police force, only back on their own bad behavior as a response mechanism.


Shame on those instigators. Plenty of people did peacefully demonstrate, and I heard quite a few intelligent remarks in light of everything, even store owners who had to endure great personal loss, and face the idea that they may rebuild yet again in that SAME community, that's some real strong hope, and I'd have to wonder if I'd ever feel safe in a town so violated by it's own inhabitants. (some were outsiders who saw a chance to stir the sh*t, it has to be said, but irregardless, they perpetuate this stereotype you mention, and we all know)

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Now you've heard of the marching in mass through Times Square of Liberty City, er, New York City... hampering travel in NYC as well as Chicago and other key cities, nothing repeating here, at least in the same area or getting news, but the NYC incident of an unarmed black man being killed from sustained injury or rough handling by police means protesters will still continue to gather as is suspected for tomorrow to keep their message alive, Those interviewed the other day suggest that to them, this is the tipping point, people, the African American community in particular taking part feel enough is enough, and we only hear one side from Police and Authorities at present, however, I tend to feel enough people care that change is necessary, on the same token, NEVER compromising safety of officers OR the public, a more precise balance of that is required, with finesse I believe, so as not to be upsetting, but hopefully agreeable to those who are spearheading such movements.


Those hot headed, Kneejerk reactionaries should NOT be given that credence however, they don't serve the greater good.


If you're provoking police, SHAME ON YOU, not them, you're asking for the confrontation, not a passive or retreating force being granted. Shame on their parents too for not raising their kids properly. Respect and cool heads, and temper are required. Many people go through life without much issue with law enforcement, and I think it's because they don't feel entitled to have complete freedom to do whatever. Lawless Old West days are DONE. It's fact. Society has evolved,.... some might see traces of a breakdown, but I think we're strong enough as a collective group (World Wide citizens) to do the right thing ultimately

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