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Xbox 360 first to celebrate!


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Hey guys, gals...


This year, as I likely mentioned earlier in Jan or Feb, marks the 10 year anniversary of Xbox 360, introduced in 2005


Also worth noting that year, as memory serves, Playstation Portable... the PSP also bowed out in 2005.

Gaming in HiDef at the time was only available via Component video, Playstation Three a year later allowed HDMI and BluRay to become household names. Saints Row and Dead Rising were star Xbox attractions.


Microsoft's Xenon addition 360 would be notorious for the first of endless hardware revisions to combat the dreaded Three Rings of Death RRoD


And it should be said, they would readily admit to no fault of their own, eventually however, it came near a Class Action lawsuit to get some justice for those buying their's new

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Nah, it seems like only YESTERDAY?!? I was leaving my 16 years in construction when I bought PS3 and Uncharted (one) my first foray into HiDef video gaming, beforehand, about the time of Xbox360, got Sony's original Playstation Portable which I've since owned 3 times over! hahaha Got rid of for cash but kept my game library, you have to have GTA Stories, or you're not hardcore!


I wound up buying the PS2 versions as well, and like getting GTA5 for PC, I bought multiple versions at the end of the day, but I'm not committed to getting GTA5 on the current Xbox and PS4... I'll wait and see how big a jump forward the next one is, I think PC will be the ultimate expression of this GTA

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