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With the lack of any exciting news as of late I've been digging around for any news on Liberty City Stories I could find.

You'll remember on Saturday I found the possible teaser sites. Well a few hours ago I used WTF and uploaded the LCS logo to see if it would know the font. And, to my pleasant suprise it did. The font used to write Liberty City Stories is called Aachen Bold.

We're the first GTA fansite to have the font available for download- and here's a little image showing you for proof (real logo is on top):


Click this link to Download the LCS font.

On a sidenote some sites with countdowns to LCS claim it to be available on September 1st to coincide with the European release of Sony's PSP console. This is untrue and an October release is much more expectable, an exact date it not yet known.

Hopefully with this freely available we will start seeing a bit more fan art to hype up the game!

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