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  1. is ready for action

  2. VDan

    Shows you are watching now

    I watch basic cable shows on various networks, here are just a few of my favorites Forensic Files How It's Made Modern Marvels Mythbusters The Daily Show
  3. VDan

    When people leave Forums

    Yeah I also feel so sad to see someone whom I have never met leave suddenly. I think these people have good reasons for leaving a forum.
  4. VDan

    Funny ragdoll pics

    You could have so much fun making those guys in MP2 jump around and rape themselves with a couple of grenades and nearby explosives.Especially if you have unlimited ammo and a licence to kill
  5. VDan


    oh well he could get executed for all i care.thats a pretty gay name for a leader of a gang, his real name must of been cookie right?
  6. VDan


    what the hell are you talking about. save who??
  7. VDan

    What does your CJ wear?

    here is my cj GreenRag White Tank Green Shorts Socks&Sandals Dollar Chain
  8. VDan

    a funny pic...

    I thought the hunter in Sa was gonna be way better than what i saw in VC but its pretty much the same thing.
  9. VDan

    Funny ragdoll pics

    he got shot in the eye
  10. VDan

    Transfender Glitch

    really? damn I cant believe i havent discovered that yet.Ive found some of my own glitches myself but Im not gonna share them with anybody.and no I didnt read them off some website I actually discovered them by myself with no help
  11. VDan

    kuestion ?

    Doesnt that picture belong to ady292.Anyway claude looks fucked up in that picture he doesnt look right.
  12. VDan

    Three Word Story

    into the abandoned
  13. VDan

    What other games do you play

    Here are one of my favorite games I like to play- GTA San Andreas Ninja Gaiden Black Resident Evil 4 (gc) Soul Calibur II (gc)
  14. VDan

    Vice City Disappointment

    Yes I know that but i suck at making clothes for tommy,they always look fucked up when i actually play the game.
  15. VDan

    Vice City Disappointment

    A real dissapointment because so many people that I was expecting to get killled toward the end survived.Tommy's clothes are gay and he has a limited wardrobe and the only one i like is the black track suit wich also comes in red.