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This is a fairly simple game, and no doubt been used before. Post a picture of someone or something being pwned.


The word pwned or owned means to be made a fool of. This word is generally used in gaming and on the interne
  • to destroy beyond "owned". to completely overpower your opponent as typically used in video games,(but is in no way limited to)
  • being on the lesser end of a situation, getting the short end of the stick.
  • being on the misfortunate end of a scenario, often humerous is to be pwned.
  • power pwned or ppwned, complete and utter decimation or annlihlation. not even worthy of speaking with the victor or replying from his statement of "power pwned" or ppwned"

Don't bother posting all the obvious ones from the net (eg the cat on the minefield or the dude with a burning paper bag on his head) - they've been seen a million times - come up with, find or make an original one. Political incorrectness is acceptable, but direct racial or homophibic slurs really aren't.


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