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  1. Rockstar have annouced that 2 more GTA games for the PSP are to come, one is meant to be released for sure next year, yet rockstar have suggested both to comeout next year, well this year now we have entered 2006. So they could be VC and SA or somenew places.
  2. Since GTA:SA left out some vehicles from VC and GTA3 I thought i would ask everyone what vehicle would you save to be in the next GTA since no one has any idea (execpt rockstar) what vehicles will be kept and what will be gone so someone might be dissapointed with some vehicles missing. So what vehicles would you keep?
  3. Taime


    lets see what everyone favourite quote from a movie/tv show or games are Silent bob we're going to hollywood! - Jay and silent bob strike back (film) What does it look like im made out of? Pudding? - GTA San Andreas (game....duh)
  4. Taime

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    I own it, its a excellent game but causing GTA mayhem with them would be good.
  5. Taime

    San Fierro Stories?

    I prefered Los Santos out of all three since it had more detail into it, and San Fierro dosent have a mountain, the countryside has the mountain not SF no matter how nearby it was.
  6. Taime

    Map Layout

    I want either two giant cities, or 3 large cities. And people complaining about the PC version later, if they do make it for the 360 first it might be released with the PC version together since a 360 is a Top of the range PC.
  7. Taime

    cheat device v8b

    You dont ask for much do you?
  8. Taime

    1987 Buick GNX Mod for SA/VC

    The rockstar version is already in SA, its one of the two cars that the Ballas drive, you can find one where you do the final mission in Los Santos before you go to the country.
  9. Taime

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    Ive seen that car in GTA, its another lookalike, I think its one of the two cars the ballas use.
  10. Taime

    What did you hate about GTA VC?

    Reversing on a bike, when you get stuck somewhere, and when I slammed both the brakes and E- Brake it slowed down and tapped the back of a car and came off the bike.
  11. Taime

    Driving a Hydra

    I dont believe no-one noticed the mistake in the topic title, you dont drive a hydra you fly a hydra, on the consoles its the right analog stick on PC I dont know.
  12. Taime

    More Than 100 Hidden Packages?

    Rockstar would put more in just to annoy people, but they decide to stick with the limit.
  13. Taime

    What did you hate about GTA VC?

    I have to agree with that, reversing at a slow speed and he would fall off, and the simplest tap.
  14. Taime


    Think about Rockstar, GTAIII based on New York, GTA VC On Miami and GTA SA on San Fran, La and Las Vegas, so if they did do London it would be based on London but still have the GTA extras in the game, people want it based on London not a accurate version of London, cause if I wanted that I would buy The Getaway.
  15. Thats what I was kinda asking, is it something that replaces the cars, and it seems it does, I like the cars used.
  16. So its changing the VC with extra place and changing the cars and bikes. Btw, Liking that Starsky and hutch car.
  17. Taime

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    I want those vehicals too, A AT-TE roaming the citys of GTA could be good, and a Republic Gunship for transporting people. The Speeder Bike would be good as a fast bike.
  18. Taime

    Searching for a good occanic replace

    Oh well, That mod is good, I would have the entire game modded if I owned it for PC but I only play it on Xbox now.
  19. Taime


    No picture is on, I want to see this, since Im replaying VC now.
  20. Taime

    Searching for a good occanic replace

    If you mean a car that is on the game already, I think its called the Glendale.
  21. Taime

    GTA 4 to feature "6 cities"

    Simply solution, NO MAFIA AND NO GHETTO! Why cant we have a new storyline involving a different gang like the Triads of other Asian gang, Im bored of the Ghetto and sick of the mafia.
  22. Taime

    GTA/Offspring video.

    I dont think it need to be in the stunting section, since its a music video using GTA SA footage, its not made as a stunt video but as a music video.
  23. While looking for some offspring music videos, I came across this, a offspring song with GTA footage, and the driving they use is some ive never seen before. GTA/Offspring Video What does everyone think of this?
  24. Taime

    GTA 4 to feature "6 cities"

    Ive heard about this 6 cities rumour, I just didnt believe them doing that. Plus them kind of magazines, along with Cube and Xboxgamer, they all seem to do the same thing of printing rumours, and passing them off as facts.
  25. Taime

    GTA/Offspring video.

    Not the best Offspring song used I think, I like others like Gone away and Defy you, but the song did seem to fit the video.