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Increased Gore?


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ok, in GTA 3 there was a code to make it so u can shoot off heads and limbs with weapons like sniper rifles and explosives. is there a code like that for this one or is it always like that? i better be able to shoot someones head off with a sniper rifle in this one too :) and also, it would be pretty lame if the chainsaw didnt cut someones arm off

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There is no gore code or gore cheat for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. However, on my opinion, GTA Vice City already has enough gore, as you can already shoot peoples heads off or cut them off with a Katana, and you can make blood shoot out of people's bodies. But limbs cannot be severed though, which sucks.

The only way to make GTA Vice City gorier than it already is is to install some gore mods, which can be found on the internet, and sometimes even on this site.

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