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Another Multiplayer Mode Revealed


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In the latest issue of OPM, the first magazine to have a review of Liberty City Stories, a new multiplayer mode is revealed called Wedding List - A free-for-all scramble to take cars and drive them to designated shipping crates. So it's not too dissimilar from the film "Gone In 60 Seconds" where the protagonist must deliver a list of 50 cars...

In a quote from the start of the review it's clear that LCS still has problems like previous GTA's and even the new weapon aiming feature is deemed "unessential"

Like all the GTA's before it, LCS has many problems. Some of them are caused by the PSP, and some are the same ones that people have been waiting years for Rockstar to fix. Since the game relies so heavily on running and shooting, you'd think that it would be polished to perfection, but it isn't, and the driving mechanics are the same we had in GTA3 and Vice City.

You can now fine-tune your aiming by tapping down on the D-pad and then holding down the L button. But even so, it's the type of feature you'll forget is there, because it's unessential. Many missions require you to wander into a crowded area and pick off specific targets, while everyone around you opens fire, but you can tap R to lock on to a target.

You often have to be quick, because you'll either struggle with aiming or you'll use all your ammo wiping everything out. It is a hugegame and will likely take you 40-50 hours to complete and even then, there are 33 other "games" inside it, that could take a further 5-10 hours.

Thanks to OG_Loc87 on the IGN boards for this.

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