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Little Britain


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Yeh...I think Little Britain is really cool - and funny of course :rofl2: .

I saw Little Britain series 1 + 2 boxset in the shop for €40, it might be even less in the sales, so I might get it then...


In the last one I saw (which was recently), at the Sun Searchers travel agent, and Carol Beer was handing the copule their tickets, and she coughed in the envelope and then it echoed when they opened - that was classic! :rofl2:

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I dont see how anyone can watch this crap.

It's the same, unfunny jokes, used again and again.

Even the "New" charecters in series three are old. The woman who urinates randomly is just a reincarnation of that old lady who pukes vast ammounts whenever she eats somthing made by a minority, for example.

This entire show is bullpoo.

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Little Britain rocks! Some of the scetches aren't to my taste, but I love most of them. I don't really like Daffyd anymore, but fat fighters are the best.

I mean how can you not like this?

Margery: Your having a baby? What will we call it?

Meera: John?

Margery: whassat my love?

(repeat like, 10 times)

Margery: What about Jabba?


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