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  1. For you guys going to see it I think you'll like it. I did- I liked the other films, and this one was no exception.
  2. Little Britain rocks! Some of the scetches aren't to my taste, but I love most of them. I don't really like Daffyd anymore, but fat fighters are the best. I mean how can you not like this? Margery: Your having a baby? What will we call it? Meera: John? Margery: whassat my love? (repeat like, 10 times) Margery: What about Jabba? lol.
  3. I looove fatboy slim! My favourite is praise you- that song makes me so happy!
  4. Well I dont know if this is apperance too? I am blonde with blue eyes. I am so pale people ask me if I am ill constantly Im half Swedish half Scottish I love macaroni sandwiches I design tattoos. I love to cook Um... Thats all I can think of just now!
  5. I didnt think it was dissapointing at all. It was a nice change to have sunny sidewalks and beaches after Liberty city.
  6. Im not sure if its just me, but I would hate a San Fierro stories. That had to be my least favourite island. So.. nothingy. Apart from Mt. Chilliad and Whetstone, is was boring. I would love a Las Venturas version though. That said, or an entirely new one!
  7. San Andreas, beacuse it's just so damn big. Ive been playing it for.. well.. since it come out, and Im still finding these places I have never been before, and all these cool secrets.
  8. The inquirer? Please dont believe anything you read in that peice of junk. Seriously.
  9. Well if you want some body armour early on in the game but dont want to spend your (meagre amount of) cash on it, then there is always some in that massive factory just outside of Blueberry. Just wander round the building and you should find some.
  10. lol yeah, thats the one that always makes me laugh no matter how many times I hear it- mostly because of the guys voice!
  11. No its not just you, I usually get shitloads of clothes for my christmas- but this year I didnt do too badly! I mainly got cooking stuff and a Scrubs boxset, and a couple more movies for my PSP.
  12. Well, feel homo no more, for I am a girl! (even though I dont post that much!)
  13. There wasnt too much that I didnt like, but the things I hated were: Tommy couldnt swim, and that damned sun! Yeah, Its Florida, I know, but come on! Halfway through driving on an important mission it was like aghhh im blind! CRASH mission failed!
  14. yeah that works too Its really all about working out where you can get the lead. Also I find that at the end of the race at least 1 of the cars falls into the stream.
  15. One other way that works is that to press the two analogue sticks at the same time and then the girl usually asks you if you want a good time. Sometimes it works and sometimes she just runs away. Your usually asked though if you pull up near a hooker.
  16. I chose Santos b/c its just got sooo much stuff in it. I think Fierro should have been the first island you started off in, as it was the most boring out of the 3, then Venturas, then Santos. If Santos had been unlocked last I cant help feel I would love it even more. I dont know what it was about Fierro but I just thought it was soo- unspecial really. The only good thing was the Whetstone area and Mt. Chilliad.
  17. When your doing the race, just try to cut as many corners as possible. Eg. Go off the track before the farm outside Blueberry, this gains you a bit of a lead. Also go round the farm not through it. Just the little things like this will help you to beat the race.
  18. Its only happened to me once, but I have absolutley no idea HOW it happened. I just painted my car bright white and suddenly my car was driving forwrd by itself! (i couldnt actually control the car) This happend to me in San Fierro in the mod shop by your own garage.
  19. The only one I actually liked was Denise! The others are so annoying.. apart from Katie- shes probably my 2nd favourite.
  20. GTA : San Andreas GTA: LCS (for the 2nd time!) Resident Evil 4 (yeah, ive only just bought it) and thats about it, although I do like to have a go on my singstar sometimes!
  21. Hmm MSN is working fine for me...
  22. The hardest one for me was reuniting the families, I really found that one hard. Also I found just business quite hard too. I liked the truth's mission where you had to burn down the hash field!
  23. * SPOILERS * Im not sure if this has been posted here, but I have 2 save files, and on one decided to try out some cheats, and then I saved. So I have one files which is clean of cheats, and one not. So anyway im playing on my cheated file, doing a mission for JD where you have to drive salvatore away from the police becuse hes been caught at JDs club (cant remeber mission, been a while since I played the game) and in the cutscene where your meant to step in, and then the mission starts, Salvatore just puts his hands up and surrenders to the police! Then after the cutscene it just has the 'mission failed' writing, and theres nothing you can do about it! Has this ever happened to anyone else, or have I just posted something that was found out ages ago?
  24. Yes, I like eminem, I own 2 of his albums, so I guess im a fan. Im not sure what to think about his new song though, I mean, Its really cool the way he raps about how much he loves his daughter- but I dont really want to hear ANOTHER song about it. But hes cool, so he is forgiven!
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