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Spaz The Great

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Ok, the rules are simple. I will start off by posting an unedited picture of myself. Then the next member will edit it, and post it up. It will go on like this, member to member. Make slight edits, only, nothing real big. Well, you know what I mean. Don't change the entire thing.

A few rules:

1. NO FILTERS. Photo edits ONLY! Another words, add things, change things, maybe recolor them, but do NOT invert the effin' picture. Semi-realistic, k?

2. TRY not to a-b post, atleast TRY. That is, member1 posts, member 2 posts, member 1 posts, etc. Give other people some time to do an edit.

3. Don't over-whore an image. Once an image is into about 10 edits, it usually becomes crowded((and also harder to edit)), when we get to a point where an image is way too crowded, we get a new one.

And here's your host((yeah, the name of the game is in the style of an old game show, so keeping with the theme our first picture is hostish looking... I said hostISH LOOKING..... >.> )), SPAZ, BITCH!



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Looks better on that side, anyways. It looks like I'm pointing at him. :D

Nice edits, I think I'm leaving this one alone. I'll start editing when we put up the second image.

I have an idea on how to choose the new image, when we are done editing one image, everyone will decide on who added the best/funniest/most realistic/etc. edit and that person will get to post their image for the next round. B)

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A site I go on, we have this hugh photoshop Bedn thing going on and we are nearing 100 pages, I might add a few clangers in then or some other little thing, but no crazy frog. (who wants him on a pic)

And the quality was poor I know, but I just started to find out how to use photoshop for picture editing so in time my editing skills should improve.

Edited by Taime
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