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Actor Chris Penn found dead


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chrispenn.jpgThe famous hollywood actor Chris Penn, who voiced Officer Eddie Pulaski in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, was found dead at an apartment in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica on Tuesday. The cause of death is still unknown, but police sources have said that there were no signs of foul play. He died at the age of 40.

Source: Reuters

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Taking drugs or something? Not every famous hollywood actor dies of drugs you know. This could be of many reasons.... perhaps a heart attack, hell he could have even choked in his food.

really? o.O

well i guess someonw might of have strangled him to death or something while he was asleep....

OR A HOMOS-UAL RAPE! <<< joking

I think he might've been killed. as if he took drugs there would be like bits of drugs and stuff around the house.

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I may not know this guy well, since I only watched just a couple of movies he played in. He did a good job voicing as Officer Pulaski. I will pay my condelences to all his close ones and fans. Look on the bright side, he's in a better place now. *Takes hat off* (Fake hat, though)

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