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Graphic Card

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Hello people, I of course have San Andreas for the PC, but guess what, ladies and gentlemen... I cannot play it because of my goddamned graphic card! I have a lame AMD Turion in my laptop and I can't play anything correctly with this piece of trash! Luckily, I'm getting a new laptop with a neat Ge-force soon... :evil:

So, my point is, can I play it correctly here, with this bad graphic card? I think my 512MB RAM maybe a problem as well, correct?

Well, actually the problem is, when i start playing it, i get this weird slow-motion thing during gameplay.

Can someone help me?

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Hmm... first of all, you need a better graphics card! Personally I wouldn't go near Nvidia with a 10 foot pole but that's just me. Secondly, you need to get some more RAM. 512 MB is just way too less to run anything decently. Anyways, try reducing the resolution, the FX Quality and Anti-Aliasing in your advanced graphics settings in the game. Also turn on Frame Limiter. The slow-motion thing is probably being caused by your RAM so there's not much you can do but hope that the above steps cut it enough slack to keep up with the game.

So yes you can play the game but you'll be missing out on the awesome experience that it could be if you used a better system!

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Thanx for the answers dudes, they're bound to really help me out :D

Damned RAM...

>Are nVidia cards bad for the performance of San Andreas, JD? Enlighten me, cuz this ain't my line!

>tommy vercetti guy, I have more consoles that you'd like to imagine and i can assure you that my PC is not from the dumpster.

>Slayer, it's AMD Turion 64.

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There is NOTHING wrong with nVidia cards, many people just prefer ATI over nVidia, many the other way round.

I have a 64mb integrated Intel graphics card in my laptop, alongside a 2.6GHz Celeron and 512mb RAM. It runs San Andreas fine on low settings.

Anything less than that will bring you some problems, and don't try to run it on high performance settings either, and if its too slow turn the frame limiter off.

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Gerard's right. Some people like Nvidia and some ATI. Both of them will run San Andreas perfectly. It's just a matter of finding the card that's right for you. (Damn, I sound like a matchmaker or something.) Anyways, don't worry about the card too much. Any good card will easily meet SA's requirements. If you can get a bit more RAM it would definitely help. Have fun experimenting. It's an experience to learn from.

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