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Mission Impossible


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You know about destroying the planes on the flight deck (except one you jack)? Once you take off, leave the Hydra in vertical mode & head for downtown SF staying low & between the buildings. I call this "running the glass canyons", & the AI can't handle it. Once you eliminate the other planes, take out the boats at your leisure.

Enjoy the friendly skies...

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I'm about to ground my kid from playing SA. She went to load a game & wasn't paying attention & deleted the save after

the driving school. Just got everything back up to gold except the "90", you do a running 90' slide in the Banshee & put

it in line between two parked cars. :bashhead::pissedred: Now I'm trying to get that last test cleared (it's at 95%).

The real bite in the shorts is that I'm testing my own script mods.

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I finally figured out how to do Wrong Side of the Tracks easier. Stay away from the train more. Smoke will hit them easier, instead of shooting the side of the train so much.

Vertical Bird sucked ass for me. 2nd time playing, Mike Toreno, every time I would shoot at the van I would blow it up. Got through it though, just took longer than it should have.

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