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LCS for PS2 Delayed Another Fortnight

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Bad news for PS2 owners in Europe as Rockstar have pushed back Liberty City Stories' PS2 release again. The release date for the game is now June 23rd.

Currently there doesn't seem to be a valid reason why it should be delayed. I can't imagine why, after all, it's virtually a straight port from the PSP version, just without the multiplayer features. The US release of the game seems unaffected as of yet, so we assume it's still a June 6th release for them.

We'll keep you updated on any reasoning behind this delay. Stay tuned.

Source: Eurogamer

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I don't get it what R* is doing.. First the game was scheduled to be released in May I think and then they delay it to the beginning of June and now late June for Europe, my point why are they delaying it if there's no new features on this game, and they even took out multiplayer.

R* is probaly polishing the game (textures and models) if there are no new features. They've gotta be doing something, otherwise they would release it earlier and make more $$$money$$$.

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