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Im bumping this so Slayer will see it :P

Oh, thank you very much. When I came here the whole 1st page of The Longue had new posts so I didn't bother to read them all.

You're the one that does roll on the last scene, right? It was a decent trailer but I'll wait for the full video to comment.

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Now I'm just asking about the title. You've said that the title was meant to be "Solitary" but it got changed to "Revault". How's that happened?

He he, re-vault sounds like reverse vault :P

Well, this is the crew video. So "Solitary" wouldnt really work. When i make my solo it will be called Solitary. Fucked my legs up today, so no parkour for me for a few days.

Oh yeah, and REVAULT is a play-on-words with revolt and vault. The idea behind it is by doing parkour we a revolting against what is normal. And vaulting is a key part of parkour, so... REVAULT!

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