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Power Unlimited & OPSM 2 Austrialia Confirmed Info

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PlanetGrandTheftAuto.com says that

the Dutch magazine Power Unlimited and the Australian Official PlayStation 2 Magazine have confirmed the following details:

  • "Menace" is a mission name (from "Menace II Society).
  • "Reece's Hair Facial Studio" is one of the barbershops. The barber's name is "Old Reece."
  • 35%-50% Increased Polygon Count over Vice City
  • St. Brutus Motel is one of the buildings in Los Santos.
  • Dan Houser said, "It's the third part in a loosely held together trilogy that started in 2001, that went to the mid '80s and has now come to the early '90s.".
  • Cars accumulate dirt.
  • Tractors are confirmed.
  • Real-time reflections on some floors, puddles, etc.

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Well, when I first saw the screenshots I thought that graphically it was no better than 3 or VC, but if R* manage to follow through with all these promises of real-time reflections, ragdoll physics and the like, then this is going to be beautiful.

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