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  1. If you have to use a boat for smuggling then I can safely say right now that'll be my least favourite. Protection and loansharking are my favourites so far, prostitution is a bit too taxi-driver like for my liking.
  2. I'll sit around in a car for hours looking for the best radio station
  3. Most of your ideas are good, but I've never been keen on the petrol idea. Yes it would add a bit of realism, but I'd much rather the game be less realistic and not need to worry about petrol levels. I played a few mods with petrol as an added feature, and I absolutely hated them. Plus...I never last long enough with cars to justify buying petrol for them (same reason I don't upgrade them in SA).
  4. I like going into Little Havanna, punching a few cubans and running away, and leading them right into the nearest group of Haitians I can find. 3-way gang wars are also cool, it's just a shame the gangs aren't more represented.
  5. Dave without a doubt. I remember his Crimson days, when he got banned a few times and constantly spammed.
  6. I'll take your V8 Ghost, sending money now.
  7. 200 is my final offer. It's sold out in the shops. Take it or leave it.
  8. 200 dollars and you can have mine.
  9. Pfft, who goes to Ammunation? I have a large group of pickups at the Vercetti Estate, and I've memorized the most important weapon locations throughout the city
  10. How about my LCF fee for December?
  11. I've got one, just tell me your login name and I'll send it.
  12. I just searched for gta on google, and came across a forum that had a shop and gangs, so signed up to it I remember joining DS, doing absolutely nothing then getting PM'ed by the leader telling me to send him all my weapons
  13. zimoo


    Monday, February 9, 2037 My details probably weren't correct though, I don't know my weight in pounds, only stone.
  14. I guess to the older members they just got boring.
  15. Yeah there did use to be rewards. I remember abusing a glitch in a certain game and getting millions in a matter of minutes. I do think if you got money for high scores it would make the arcade more popular again.
  16. What I do is fly around the building before picking up a bomb, killing all the workers and exploring the paths. Then it is a piece of cake to actually place the boms down.
  17. I hope you're not implying I stole from you?
  18. *Remembers time when everyone used to call him Fido* I personally like Asuka and Joey Leone. I dislike most of the other characters though.
  19. In 4 days I would have been here for 2 years and 9 months, but it's hardly the sort of thing that is worthy of a topic, otherwise the whole forum would be bogged down with them.
  20. It's not compulsory (sp?) in the UK.
  21. I know a bit of French and German. I prefer French, then actually got forced to do German because I was so good at French
  22. I cleaned my old SA disk with toothpaste and it worked perfectly for a while
  23. There is also a film studio on prawn island.
  24. Toughest for me was probably the ones where you have to dance and keep in time with those buttons. I could do it in a few tries, but it was so boring. Favourite was where you had to sneak in to Madd Doggs house and steal that thing, as it was different to all the others.
  25. Either Tommy or a new character. Tommy is the only main character I've liked so far.
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