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Chris' LCS Stuntage

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I didn't really like LCS much, but considering I didn't even make one of my 'Stuntage' videos for San Andreas, I feel I should do something now. San Andreas has so many vids for it, I feel mine isn't gonna be good enough, since I'm not really a 'stunter' so to speak.

I don't think many people have done stunt videos, properly done I mean, for Liberty City Stories. I was thinking of setting up my capture device again so I can record the stunts I do on my PS2.

What I need though is some really good stunt locations in Liberty City. I'll probably be doing most on the PCJ600, but I guess I'll include a few car stunts too. I'm not sure if I'll even ever complete this, but I may as well give it ago right?

EDIT: My capture device is set up ready now.

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Looking forward to this =D.

Just a thought , ive played lcs on psp not ps2 , if the ferry system is still in the game , maybe a bump off the ferry to staunton ? Probly not possible but worth a try....

Good luck :thumbsup:

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