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  1. I know there's alot of Tommy fans here, so i just wanted to ask what things do you like about him? (P.S I got this idea form GTA3 topic - What do you like about Claude?)
  2. K_P

    TGTAP hits 100,000 post milestone!

    Yeah, the good old days!!! Ill try and come online more often.
  3. K_P

    Races as Missions?

    I wouldnt mind racing, I enjoyed going off road and crashing into oponents, however they should try to improve the racing feature, maybe some races have more cars and more demanding races.
  4. K_P

    100% in about 14 hours!

    Well done Steven, thats some serious GTAVCS playing. Didnt your fingers hurt afterwards?
  5. K_P

    TGTAP hits 100,000 post milestone!

    Well done everybody, keep posting!
  6. K_P

    How about lowering the price?

    Just save your money and bank it. Let the intrest do its magic. Right now ive got around 15k.
  7. K_P

    Your Own Reviews....

    If you like the music so much you could always download it.
  8. K_P

    OMG I BEAT VCS CLUB [spoilers]

    If you tell us remember to put the 'spoiler alert' please, cheers.
  9. K_P

    Tommy Vercetti?

    Yeah I doubted Tommy being in VCS, but still made a good discussion point (Although it was like an arguement!).
  10. It would be good if it comes out on PS2, for people who have a PS2 and dont have a PSP. Also this would be good for R* as they'll make more money. I hope they keep some of the mulitiplayer features though.
  11. K_P


    Good work. Maybe someone should try to find them all and put them in a topic.
  12. K_P

    OMG I BEAT VCS CLUB [spoilers]

    Good work OTGTAM. But you should of took your time and enjoyed the game, GTA games dont come out often. Congratulations anyway.
  13. Damn, I want this game. Ive been persuading my mates who have a PSP to get this.
  14. Good review. Thanks for finding it Chris.
  15. K_P

    IBStore 3.1 Beta UPGRADED

    Lol, so do I!!!
  16. K_P

    The Back Cover

    The cover looks good. Pretty much uses the template from previous GTA's.
  17. Nice screens there Dmac_91.
  18. It will probably be better, having more buildings etc.
  19. K_P

    The new car?

    The vehicle looks cool. I love how GTA games have a wide variety of different vehicles to drive. Driving this vehicle looks fun.
  20. K_P


    They dont really post there, they just buy stuff.
  21. K_P


    Lol, this was exactly what I was thinking.
  22. K_P

    do your parents get mad cuz u play gta

    My parents dont really mind. And whenever they see me play I start driving good and stop myself from pulling out my shotgun and shooting a cop, sometimes. They will say what are you doing, and dont do that! But I just say its a game, and I wont do this in real life!
  23. K_P

    80,000 posts for the gta place :)

    Cool 80,000 posts! And we will soon hit 100,000. Also VCS should generate more posts and topics.
  24. Woah hes made a lot of websites... B.T.W I voted for TGTAP