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A Few More VCS Details from Play

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German magazine Play The Playstation has a few more details on Vice City Stories. Again we are still only seeing European and Australian magazines with previews, not one single American publication has received a preview yet, which is somewhat strange considering past GTA games' previews.

The magazine, which goes on sale August 18th, gives the following details:

  • You will NOT be able to modify vehicles in the game
  • The game will have the same outfit changing feature as Vice City and Liberty City Stories, you still won't be able to change individual garments as you did in San Andreas though.
  • You can once again manually target the crosshairs on your gun for more accurate shooting

Thanks to German fan site GTAReactor.de for the news.


It seems that this magazine may not have actually received a preview of the game, and what they've actually done is (poorly) translated information they've found on fan sites. The screens they have are blatantly stolen from a certain fan site, and also, they stupidly refer to Vic as 'Vic Lance' (*laughs*), not Vic Vance, as we all know is his real name, and that Lance is actually his brother.

Take this information as you will, but we reckon this magazine never received a preview, and as such, doesn't contain any factual information.

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