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Hey guys, heres my forum that I opened up about 2 weeks ago...its been moving very slow but its getting there. heres a list of crap that I added: Click Here to go to GTAShack!

-IBstore (causes spam :lol: )

-usershops (^^^^^^^^)

-Mood hack :gappy:

-Advanced Steal System,

and a shit load of other stuff!



I have (my store is very unique :) )


-Vehicles (planes, cars, helicopters, boats...etc.)

-Weapons (uh..all of them..)

-Properties (some properties..increases interest by a certain amount)

-Malibu Membership (get 60% off shops!)





-Steal (Gain Defenders, Advanced Steal, Gain Helpers)

stuff to come!:

-GTA clothes

-other membership crap...

click here to go to GTAShack! And BTW the banner at the top is temporary. I havent had time to work on a good onw... :thumbsup:

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