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New Info from Australian Magazine TechToyz...FAKE

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EDIT: According to GTAGaming this info has been proven to be false but here it is to read anyway.

Here is the new info:

  • CJ can now scavange in the streets to find things to fight with. TechToyz used an example of CJ being chased and finding a bottle to fight with.
  • Phillet's is a fish orientated restuarant.
  • Rodney's Roadside Diner is a restaurant in the countryside. TechToyz didn't say if CJ could eat there, but it appears that you probably will.
  • No more rolling after falling from 30 stories, now jumping off tall buildings will result in ugly deaths.
  • You can whack people across the head with weapons, such as bottles and more than likely bats (probably making a return from Vice City).
  • Los Santos is 1 and a half times the size of Vice City, which shows exactly how huge this game is going to be...again.
  • In Los Santos there is a dock which has a carnival.

AGAIN, this info has been proven false, but we put it here to read, because really all this would make great additions to SA.

Source: GTA-SanAndreas

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