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VC-MP 0.3 Released


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The Vice City Multiplayer team have been busy recently, and last week released version 0.3 of their fantastic mutliplayer mod. Version 0.1 has already proved to be the most popular multiplayer mod in our database (for Vice City), so I expect you'll be pleased to see this update, which contains the following upgrades and new features:


  • netcode(allows 50 players now)
  • sync(smoother sync overall)
  • browser(SA:MP browser interface)
  • admin(in-game commands added)

New features:

  • synced pickups(defined thru ini)
  • maximum flight height raised
  • tires popping is synced
  • added chat commands /msg and /me
  • armour bars added above health bars
  • bugs fixed


Download VC-MP 0.3


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Doesnt even work, pink bar doesnt load fully. Some guy on the boards says you need to download a file to replace the exe, im not sure thats 100% legal

Just tried it and got exactly the same problem, and I also found that you need to download an .exe which more than likely fucks up things for the normal game.

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If you are having problems getting started get that .exe fix and replace it whenever you want to play VCMP, that's what I do...

That's such a pain in the ass though and I don't think it's fair users should be forced to download this crack/patch or whatever it is, I can't understand why it would be so hard to make it work on a legal copy of the game.

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