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The Next Best Things Needed For GTA4

K9 Krew

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  1. Climbing(Ladders)
  2. Better Weather Effects
  3. Real Damage To Cars(BulletHoles, Scratches)
  4. A Train System To Travel On And They Must Able To Get Hi-Jaked
  5. A Large City
  6. I hope the next GTA focuses on the creation of gangs. I want to be able to name, choose weapons, cars, and turf that my gang has. And the more money/power a gang has, the more turf, weapons, and cars they can get. For example:
    $0-$50,000:1 district; fists, bats, and Colt .45s;
    $50,001-$500,000:1 district for each island; Uzis, Shotguns, fists, bats, and Colt .45s
    $500,001-$99,999,999: as much turf as you can sieze;AK-47s, M60s,Uzis, Shotguns, fists, bats, and Colt .45s
    Each gang could have a hideout (IE the Leone's have Salvatore"s Mansion, The Cartel have the Cartel Mansion, the Yakuza have Kenji's Casino, The Triads have the Fish Factory). Each hideout would have several things. There would be 4 markers. One would be in front of a garage. Pull up to it in your gang car and 2 cars filled with your gang members would come out and follow you. They will protect you. The second one will be the missions for the game. The third would be in front of a door. When you step into it 2 bodyguards will emerge and follow you. The fourth will become available if your gang is hated by another gang. It triggers "gang war" mode. From then on in, your members and the opposing gang members will invade each others turf until you both call it off or until too many casualties are suffered.
    Your hideout will have a certain amount of security, depending on how much money you have. Your members automatically patrol it, but you could also buy gates and walls to keep enemies out.
    There could also be businesses that you and enemy gangs could buy. If an enemy has a business you would like, you could chase them out with constant attacks on it.
    There could be a respect-o-meter as well. If a gang hated you, you might get ambushed when leaving your hideout (almost like the dead skunk in the trunk mission. A Sentinal parked across the street may try and run you down).
    Enemy gang leaders could be seen walking the streets and if you manage to kill them, their gang will hate you. You can frame another gang as well by driving their car of wearing their uniform. This will result in a gang war between the 2.
    Those are my only wishes. I know they are not very likely, or even possible, but I can still hope that some come true.
  7. Accesible Prisons
  8. Being able to pick up bricks' bottles etc. and using them to smack someone upside the head with them, like out of The Warriors.
  9. Having To Do Jail Time
  10. If You Are Swimming It Would Be Good To Be Eatan By A Shark.(Maybe)
  11. Have A Drinking MiniGame To Build Up Your Tolerance Just LIke You Do With Muscle In San Andreas
  12. Have Four Seasons In The Games Weather System
  13. It would be cool to have one home base of operations that you could buy stuff for and build additions to as you got more money. You could start out in a shack and turn it into the Playboy Mansion.
  14. The Abilty To Rob Shops You Could Do This IN Vice City But You Couldn't Do It In San Andreas
  15. Inside prison-mini game (you have to escape if you get busted)

That's All I Have For Now

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