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  1. Liberty Overlord

    Related to anyone famous?

    My uncle inlaw's cousin inlaw is Sasha Cohen's aunt (She won silver medal on Winter Olympic Skating). So that makes me her 3rd cousin double-inlawed. Woot!
  2. Liberty Overlord

    School Fight!

    When I was in high school, I was always home sick on the days of the fights.
  3. Liberty Overlord

    Ice Caps Melting....

    I was being sarcastic. I hate Bush but that sounds like something he would do. I don't think there is a way that we could live in 150-200 degree heat, we'll just all die.
  4. Liberty Overlord

    Ice Caps Melting....

    What we could do is select a few of Bush's family, put them on a shuttle and ship them off to that moon in Jupiter that has water.
  5. Liberty Overlord

    Grand Theft Auto 4 -- PC Version ?

    And the exclusive content they keep talking about sounds like it was made for the PC.
  6. Liberty Overlord


    Comment on the "Pull Out" method. I am really good friends with this girl who i've known since Highschool. Anyway, in 9th grade, I asked her if she was having safe sex. She said that she didn't use a condom because it "didn't feel good". I then asked her how many times she had sex with her boyfriend and she said "Every day since the summer". I then told her that she was pregnant, and she said "No, he always pulled out, I'm not that stupid." So I forced her to take a pregnancy test and she tested positive and then huffed cocaine until the baby died, and everyone learned a great lesson. The point of the story is that pulling out doesn't work, and I'll tell you why. Its true that precum doesn't start out with semen in it, but if any excess semen is still inside the boy, it gets released with the precum, which can get the girl pregnant. So dont turn out like my friend and use a condom, even if it feels "slimy" instead of "rubbery".
  7. Liberty Overlord

    Ice Caps Melting....

    We will not stop global warming. The only way to undo the damage already planned for us is if everyone cut off their electricity and stopped using any modern technology. In other words, we'd all live like the Amish. And of course, that will not happen. And this isnt as simple as "Oh well, no more snow". Let me show you what will happen when global warming starts picking up speed. Lets look south, towards America's neighbor, Mexico. When global warming takes full effect, Mexico will be un-livable. The U.S. is crying about a few illegal immigrants, well imagine the entire population of Mexico fleeing north. But it gets better. South America and the southern half of the U.S. will also be un-livable. Imagine millions apon millions of refugees fleeing up to northern US and Canada. Canada will find out that they are the world's brand new superpower. New York will realise that they are the new Miami. But it gets EVEN BETTER. The polar icecaps will melt. Miami would be completely underwater. LA would be underwater. The only thing you would see of San Fransisco would be a few skyscrapers. Manhattan would be underwater and Brooklyn would be as big as Starfish Island. Everyone in Las Vegas would be dead. Canada would constantly be hit with hurricanes as big as Katrina. Half of China would be underwater. All the African villages and 3rd world countries would die. Everyone will live in Canada and Russia. And some of you think that it will end with billions of people living in 2 countries, but no, it will get worse. The polar icecap meltings wont just raise the sea level, it will lead to the death of us all. You see, the icecaps reflect much of the sunlight directed at the earth. If there are no more icecaps, than the sun's rays would be hitting the earth in a full blast. Scientists don't even know exactly what will happen after this but its quite clear. Forests will burn. What remains of Antarctica (the land part) would be like the Sahara desert. All freshwater will dry up. All the refugees in Canada and Russia would die of dehydration if they didnt die of heatstroke first. All animals, plants, and humans would be dead. THAT is the true end of the world, and that is what is doomed to happen. Even Al Gore is in denial about the last paragraph, though he has done more than anyone else to try to stop this.
  8. Liberty Overlord

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    But evolution is suppossed to be gradual, not a sudden change, so there had to have been a countless amount of monkeys all changing at the same time, so the new improved monkeys could mate. If that were true, the minority of monkeys would die out and the new and improved monkeys would take charge...but that hasn't happened.
  9. Liberty Overlord

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    I seriously don't know. Both sides of the argument have major flaws so I'm simply undecided. The only thing I did decide is that the big bang did not happen. The big bang makes no sense. How could there be some random explosion? Something had to cause this explosion that came out of nothing, right? Another problem I see is a flaw in evolution. If we all came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys around today? They aren't a migratory species, so a separate branch couldn't have transformed into a human. If animals came from algae, why is there still algae EVERYWHERE? Another thing I have a problem with is consious thought. Where do feelings come from? Science can not explain feelings. Of course there are chemicals that can cause the feelings, but scientists can not explain HOW chemicals cause feelings. They've broken down the brain, its just particles, nothing that can explain how we have consious thought. When they break down the brain, it looks like the brain is a giant plant, and should be mindless, just like a plant. But yet, we have thoughts and feelings. Scientists are seriously stumped about this and so they keep it hush-hush. Perhaps the biggest question about religion is about Constantine. Constantine hated Christians, he burned them, tortured them ect. Then, he suddenly converted. Apparently he saw a burning cross in the sky. And that is the only possible explaination. There is no reason why this person who despised Christians would suddenly convert unless he was accually telling the truth and saw a burning cross in the sky. Another un-explainable person is Saul/Paul/St. Paul. He also hated Christians and was one of the many people screaming for Jesus to be killed. Then one day he takes a walk and comes back, frantic and blind, saying that dead-Jesus came to him in a blinding light and spoke to him. There is also no other possible explaination to why he suddenly converted except that he was telling the truth and did see something of the supernatural. It has also been proven that people saw (or think they saw) jesus performing miracles, because on his roman record, it said that he was turned over to the Roman Empire by the Jews for "healing the sick and performing miracles saying that he was the son of God". One more thing that can't be explained. Jesus's body dissapeared. Some athiests say that "rebels broke in and stole his body" but they forget that jesus had almost no followers at that time, and that it took 20+ roman soldiers to roll that stone over his tomb, and Jesus only had 11 disciples left. It also can't be explained that according to Roman records, 500 people who were not connected with eachother claimed to have seen Jesus again after his death, including people that hated and dispised him, and would have no reason for saying it unless they truly believed it. Until the all knowing scientists can explain those things to me, I am 100% undecided.
  10. Liberty Overlord

    Grand Theft Auto 4 -- PC Version ?

    I will only play the PC version. I HATE playing on a TV screen, and I hate using a controller. I'd be much happier at my PC with my headphones on so I won't feel so open. Also, the controls are so much easier with a M+KB, which is why I always buy a PC version.
  11. Liberty Overlord

    Your Soul Should Go To Hell

    lol Nevada is definatly as hot as hell! But I like my family....even though they're all going to purgatory. Purgatory is the place to be. Hell is where they strap you up by your feet and whip you with red hot steel tipped whips.
  12. Liberty Overlord

    Which country will drop the first...

    Im really scared about getting nuked because NYC is a major target in the US and if you ever hear about NY getting nuked, feel free to delete my account since i'd be dead.
  13. Liberty Overlord

    Jack Thompson

    Jack Thompson gave up on banning The Sims for about a year now, I believe that he is now setting his sights on Bully saying it will "influence school shootings" even though I think that Bully would prevent them by helping you vent some frustration.
  14. I've gotten past St. Marks Bistro in San Andreas, and whats funny is that they have the whole of Portland (but only the streets are solid). I wonder why they have the Portland Map when all we see is the restaurant. My theory is that originally, they intended to make the mission deeper and have us go around the entire Portland section of Liberty City killing Forellies. It was probably dropped because it would feature too much of Liberty City, and lol, they wouldve had to name it "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Liberty City"
  15. Liberty Overlord

    Grand Theft Auto Brantford

    Umm not really. The word "Mafia" is Sicilian slang, if they're not Italian, then they're not the Mafia! The Sicilian Mafia, or simply Mafia, or even more correctly Cosa Nostra, is a criminal secret society of men which first developed in the mid-19th century in Sicily. An offshoot emerged on the East Coast of the United States during the late 19th century following waves of Sicilian emigration The word "mafia" is taken from the old Sicilian adjective "mafiusu" which has its roots in the Arabic mahjas, meaning "aggressive boasting, bragging". That is from a cited article in Wikipedia, and since it's cited, it's fact. That also shows that the Italian Mafia, the REAL italian mafia, not some poser-knockoff, is situated in ONLY Italy and the U.S. Therefore, I sincerely doubt that there is a branch of Sicilian Mafia secretly hiding in Australia. If you truly encountered people calling themselves the "mafia", then they're most likely posers wishing that they were in the Mafia. A small town street gang can't be the mafia. The Mafia are not small time, they're extremely big time. Also, "Irish Mafia" is politically incorrect. It is accually "Irish Mob", since well...Mafia is an italian word. Anyone who uses the term "Irish Mafia" is simply misinformed. "Mafia" simply means an italian mob. Therefore saying "Irish Mafia" is like saying "Irish Italian Mob", and well, it makes no sense. Therefore, Mafia only refers to the ITALIAN Mafia. Anyone else saying "Irish Mafia" or "German Mafia" or any other nationality+Mafia is wrong.