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I need help with changing language settings!


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Ok, long story cut short, av had san andreas since it 1st launched on ps2 an hav completed it back in the day. After browsing thru this website i really got interested adding mods so i downloaded a pc version. I installed it without any complications but was dissatisfied with the version as it is not in english. i have tryed to look for the language option but cannot find it any where as i cant read this version. the version luks lyk its from eygpt or israel or sumthing along those lines. my question is, is there any patch to change it to the english language? any help will be greatly appreciated cus i want that murcielago mod!!

*i will put up a screen shot once i figure how topost-8674-1167924094_thumb.jpg

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Hi, thanks for the car, i reinstalled the game but no change same language, i did sum googling and finally found the languge menu 1. (Options which is always the middle one) 2 ( then languages which is the most bottom one) and thats where the problem is there is only two languages, one is the one i posted earlier and the other i think is spanish but no NO english!!! lol

Av decided to to have the spanish cus i can understand it a bit better than the other one, u guys have any other ideas, or is there a way where i can put languages in. screenshots of the spanish language below


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Ok, those are cyrillic characters. You have a pirated Russian copy of the game. Though presumably you know this already as you must have downloaded it from somewhere - something which we don't condone, and you appear to be in the UK...

Basically, whatever language you set it to everythings going to appear in those cyrillic characters and it will look weird. Anyway...

At the main menu Options is the middle one, click that

Then there will be 4 things to choose from, click the bottom one, this takes you to the language settings, they appear in this order from top to bottom:






Since you have illegally acquired a Russian version of the game though, the options might all be different to that, I don't know, but your best bet is to follow the instructions above.

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yes i am aware that this is a pirated copy, i have completed the game on ps2 and acquired this version form a friend who had got it off the net, anyways i did wat u sed but theres only 2 languages spanish and am guessing russian? (screens below) isnt there a way to change the files in data folder or sumthing?


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That's weird. I thought that if you have American.gxt you'l have English... Can you upload your american.gxt to rapidshare or something and post the link here?


Or you can buy a new game.A english version,but it will cost you and it will be a version 2.00.

He's asking for help with his current prob, not an alternitive. He owns the actuall ps2 game..

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up is a link to the store, just look for something cald store up on the page. There you can buy stuff and bank money. The bought items can get used for a gang. there currently are 3 active gangs.

Liberty Crime Famely

Venato Mafia

and the best for last:

The Dragon Stealths.

Now the items can only be used if you'r in a gang in a so called gang wars. Something unique in the world of gta forums cause we are the only ones with a "gang system". So look arround and maybe apply to enter a gang. Although you'l have to have a higher postcount and stay here longer till you would be accepted I think.

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