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  1. hey you were back on today for a long time

  2. Yellowcard

    GTA IV Trailer Countdown!

    I think ill go to sleep >_> Also, plz plz plz do your part and dont click refresh every second. The less you do that, the sooner you'll see the trailer
  3. Yellowcard

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    Hooray! Ill stay up until I'll see it
  4. Yellowcard

    GTA IV Trailer Countdown!

    The page is not loading due overload of y'all, no worries though - we all spent the big moment together and we'll all see it soon ^.^
  5. Yellowcard

    GTA IV Trailer Countdown!

    Cheerio all & TG. I dont see the countdown, keep me informed ^^
  6. It's a PS tutorial. I'm not into texturing in blending mode actually. Only the white stripe scene, default textures suck
  7. Yellowcard

    Shinoda's artshop

    Gaah.. I'm really delayed with several (4 or more !) banners & otheer request and I hope you're not in a hurry... I've been very busy lately and I apologize for all the delays
  8. Yellowcard

    talent hits again

    Oh wow, great pictures! You've got some skill
  9. Yellowcard


    Lol, who can be that stupid? I mean... Gosh
  10. Yellowcard

    Who still plays these?

    I got an 130 mb Vice City
  11. Yellowcard

    Fav Gta Game?

    San Andreas mostly because it has a lot of good features. Vice City had the best scenery but too much minuses...
  12. Yellowcard

    Shinoda's artshop

  13. Yellowcard

    To Kokane fans

    OMFG Hot hot hot!
  14. Yellowcard

    Shinoda's artshop

    It was funny for me. I have a perfectly bad humor sense >< No offense, Skyline. I just wanted to say something 'funny' =P Btw I'm stuck with some other banners but I'll finally try and make them tonight EDIT: This? Or this?