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Well I've had my share of friends on the forum. And fun on GTA. I guess there is a time where everyone has to leave. I am quitting because i am moving to CSS and im in CAL and its taking so much time. Practicing, scrimming, LAN Parties just overwhelming. I cannot have that much time for GTA or forum stuff. Plus school; its pretty hard to keep grades passing with everything ( but i do it :D ). I would like to say BYE to everyone I've known on this forum.( You know who you are ;) ). Especially Dave. Known him the longest. Cool guy. Played and owned him on Halo numerous of times (BTW Happy B-Day). And to Gerard, Chris and Righty. Our awesome admins on this awesome forum. To our Moderating Team, and to EVERYONE who keeps this forum alive! Most of you haven't seen me around but I've seen you (in the shower and/or on the forum). To this I say Bye! I will post very VERY little. To many things to do. Well.... BYE!!!

Oh and for the people who say I want ROFLCOPTER here..


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