GTA III Vehicles

Here are pictures of all the vehicles that can be found in GTA3. All were taken by myself from the PC version of the game so are a fairly decent quality, although a little compressed.
Please do not steal these pictures for your own website.

Ambulance Banshee Barracks OL BF Injection
Blista Bobcat Borgnine Taxi Bus
Cabbie Cartel Cruiser Cheetah Coach
Diablo Stallion Dodo Enforcer Esperanto
FBI Car Firetruck Flatbed Hoods Rumpo XL
Idaho Infernus Kuruma Landstalker
Linerunner Mafia Sentinel Manana Moonbeam
Mr. Whoopee Mule Patriot Perennial
Police Car Pony Predator RC Car
Reefer Rhino Rumpo Securicar
Sentinel Speeder Stallion Stinger
Stretch Taxi Toyz Van Trashmaster
Triad Fish Van Yakuza Stinger Yankee Yardie Lobo

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