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Activision acquire Take-Two

By Chris | 1st Apr 2011 at 00:04 GMT in General | 12 Comments

UPDATE: As you probably realised, yes, this was just an April Fools' joke. Credit to GTANF for the idea, and shout-outs to GTAGaming,, GTA Légende, and for joining in!

It seems that the Grand Theft Auto series will have a new home very shortly, as Activision started takeover procedures of Take-Two today. Earlier, the Call of Duty publisher began buying majority shares in Take-Two and formally started the takeover. While catching us slightly off guard, this isn't entirely surprising news as it was revealed back in February that Activision were looking to acquire Take-Two, however, nothing came to fruition from this as it was later said that Take-Two "didn't fulfil requirements" that Activision had laid out.

Once the takeover is complete, Activision will own all the studios that are currently under Take-Two's control - as you're probably aware, Rockstar Games is just one of those studios. Additionally, Activision will claim ownership rights of IP's including Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, Max Payne, Mafia and BioShock.

This could have major implications on the future of the GTA series. It's not currently known what plans Activision have for it, but we can safely say they will keep it going. Will they be pumping out below-par GTA games once a year just to keep profits steady? Or will they keep things going as they at the moment? Feel free to fire off your own comments below.

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