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  1. When I found out about this I bought it right away. I've got some screenshots of this for you guys from the Android version. Downloading from the Market... When you open the game the first time you get this. (This is downloading over LTE ) New Menu! Gameplay. On-screen controls, it does support some USB controllers though. Touch-modified GTA3 UI, with improvements. You swipe across the weapons icon to change weapons, you swipe the radio station name to change stations, and you swipe the map to access it. "Mission loading" screen, not sure if it will change on the different islands i.e. Staunton, Shoreside Vale. "Mission Passed" screen, looks identical to GTA3 Save is the same! This is pretty much a straight port from what I've played. Head Radio starts right at the beginning, all the audio sounds good. I also heard some missions might change a little to be optimized for mobile controls. What icon looks like, IMO the label should just be GTAIII, but the full label is "GTA3 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY" These screenshots are in native resolution (you might have to click to enlarge), and the game runs pretty well on my phone (HTC Rezound). Because of the pixel density, I don't see the slight aliasing when playing on the phone. Bugs I've noticed: Game freezes, then resumes when changing the volume level via the hardware button In addition, if you change volume or take a screenshot during a cutscene, the cutscene audio usually goes silent Taking a screenshot sometimes causes the game to lag when taking the picture It seems that there is less traffic than GTA3, but more pedestrians (?) The game crashes when exiting from the menu, I have to force close it Overall it's a really solid game, these bugs aren't game-breaking and as I said it runs well for me. Audio sounds good and graphics look touched up from the PC version a bit, other than the aliasing. Recommend, just make sure you have a supported device. I'll upload more screenshots in a bit. EDIT: More Screenshots Replays are back! Cutscene. This time you get a full map! Here's a few various gameplay shots:
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