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    LOL excellent. Evo why are you white and Rem is brown lol? Is dat some racial envy I see Also is that supposed to be a penis on my t-shirt? Also you should add some more people into it, some of the famous members from the past
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    CAKES HERE BITCHES! I'm still on vacation, so forgive the extra shitty-ness and missing members.. still love all of you all <3 <3 Happy 10 years you bastards
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    Hey Chris, I appreciate you making friendly gestures to the GTAForums blacklisted members, of course my name alludes to that, I couldn't manage a 10 year anniversary there, but I will here if you let me! I'm 46 this year, and let me tell you, no regrets on living those early years, just wished I'd been more aware of the super cool, pop culture, not the culture we can handily disregard, of course! GTA feels like it's also that 10 years of most significant growth, and there's plenty more where that came from!!!! I've no doubt Grand Theft Auto was basically the jumping off point for Rockstar Games to expound on such a landmark, groundbreaking open-world game, in fact, until GTA V, I still think Red Dead Redemption is the ultimate culmination in that goal thus far! I never say that just to sound as if I'm knocking GTA's hype down, but I think RDR is basically the best of all Rockstar Games elements in one game franchise, even with only two outings and a killer DLC pack! WOW, just Wow Very good site at the moment, not much more really needs to be done I think
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