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  1. So basically, I'm working on a website which offers everything associated with ipod touchs/iphones (primarily ipod touch although both are similar). The site will offer app reviews/jailbreak information and forum, wallpapers, all the good stuff. Anyways, I'd need help running it, forum moderators n all that. Anyone interested? Also I need a small donation of £2, I can pay for this but it means me having to do something quite annoying first, so anyone willing to donate £2 so I can purchase the domain, reply here or PM me. I'd ask people to donate like 50p each but there's no guarantee that at least 4 people will donate 50p which could mean 3 people donate 50p which ends up going no where. If you donate you will definitely be granted premium user membership for life which will usually cost an undecided sum each month for regular users, on top of being offered a higher position in management if you are interested. And, any ideas for a website name? I have some but I don't like them; happiPod mypodtouch easipod ipodstation I dunno, your ideas appreciated.
  2. Ross

    Is it worth..

    Erm, so you're saying you've never played/completed VC before? gtfo
  3. Why not make the skin edit to show a users amount of money in topic view? Actually that might just clutter up the post details. You can probably ignore what I just said.
  4. Ross

    VCM mod help

    ok thanks i will try that please also note that (i forgot to mention in the last post) that i accidentaly deleted the vcm files from the vcm folder. Could that be the problem? Make sure the necessary files are in your vcm folder. D1M's wheel mod basically...
  5. Ross

    VCM mod help

    Make sure D1M's wheel mod is installed correctly and your cars should work. Try putting a car in a garage, and changing that car with the one you want. Now go to the garage and check it. If it doesn't work it could be the mod, try another car.
  6. Ross

    My first skin

    Cheers everyone !
  7. Ross

    New Dummy GTA IV Box Art

    I think they all look pretty cool.
  8. I know this is an old topic, sorry for bumping it but it's unsolved and peopel might be looking for an answer. I also had this problem with Vista and managed to fix it. You need to download the latest graphics drivers for your specific computer off the internet, this should fix it.
  9. Ross

    the most dangerous country in the world?

    It could be some countries in Africa. Children are raised to use guns and kill other people, other people are used as slaves aswell. Hasn't anyone seen Blood Diamond?
  10. Ross

    My first skin

    Not sure if this goes in here but...My first skin
  11. Ross

    What are you watching right now?

    24 all the way. Jack Bauer BANG BANG!!
  12. Beep your horn next to her.
  13. Well Chris probably has alot of PM's, plsu he isn't online.
  14. Ross

    Story ^ Ending

    Then met a man called Sheila who likes to pretend he's a vegetarian.
  15. Ross

    New GTA IV Graffiti Ad In NY

    It doesn't really matter if this is old news, some people might not have read anything about this anywhere else...