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  1. Is San Andreas Tha Best i think it is
  2. Full Health, Full Armor, 250,000 cash is the best to me
  3. Killa E

    GTA PSP Release Date?

    man bryce i really dont like u you are nothin but a suck up would u plz explain to me y would u spam our gang chat and recruiment jus tell me how the f*** can some 1 out smart u on their own b-day u got problems and i want to take them off ur hands by killing u
  4. when u win a gang war u get respect and the get the terrtory u are fighting for
  5. Killa E

    Multiple Car Gangs

    yea it holds seven
  6. Killa E

    Welcome to SA

    whos reviving old threads not me
  7. Killa E

    UFOs and Bigfoots

    how do u no u had an alien in your house
  8. Killa E


    i cant wait till san andreas comes out on the comp
  9. Killa E


    can some 1 help me how do i get my pics from san ansreas onto the pc
  10. Killa E

    Cool Screenshots

    i am very sorry plz dont bann me i no i am a newbie i jus joined 4 days ago
  11. its hard to decide who should win i think the first or sceond pic should win
  12. Killa E

    Skills: Evade Not Run

    i think every 1 who has the game no how to play
  13. Killa E

    GF's in LV?

    yeah have u heard of searching
  14. Killa E

    What are codebreakers

    its like a gameshark and Action Replay
  15. Killa E

    Vice City Picture Perfect

    cool picture i wish i had vice city................not, san andreas is way better
  16. Killa E

    GTA Advance

    i hate nintendo so i think GTA advance is "bad" cause its on nintendo GBA
  17. Killa E


    i think the psp will be the best handheld gaming system out ever
  18. Killa E

    transfender location?

    o he talking bout the place where u mods cars man they are on the map how cant u find them
  19. Killa E

    GTA: Think Ahead

    dont u have to eat twice a day or twice every 2 days
  20. Killa E

    *spoilers* help with wuzimu casino

    yeah that mission was hard i aint starting a new game cause i hate that mission
  21. Killa E

    can we reset

    to make ur times cheated go to 0 u need a cheat device
  22. Killa E

    Madd Dogg mission

    this is a glich do u use any cheats