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  1. in Writer's and Graphics pad. Where is that I never saw it here
  2. Niko bellic walks out of his apartment in middle park east and then hops into his.................................................... lets give this story a beging,middle,and end this is like a fill in the blank story but the blanks are the story lets make this funny,degrating,gore,etc.
  3. Yeah it's pretty cool I think the sultan RS is the best when you try to launch it from the rear
  4. Maddog89

    NFS Undercover

    I've seen the sreenshots for this but does anyone know what the story is about yet.
  5. more misc. vehicles like a caddy,racecar,and a pocket bike
  6. Dukes- in parking lot next to abanded sprunk factory faggio- look around statue of happiness pass the nut stand
  7. did you get my measage?

  8. Seen the fararri but the smart car looks like a cement truck
  9. I'm Italian so have to go wiyh Europe because of lambo,Pagani,Alfa Romao,and ferarri
  10. kinda rare Actaully its the only white one in I know I collect speacial cars that are on this list. 5.36 - White Cognoscenti --------- Mission: Gracie Ancelotti random encounter Difficulty: * Required: Nothing Discovered by: Spectre95 Description: A pure white Cognoscenti. A solid white is unavailable elsewhere, including pay n' sprays. Strategy: This car is parked in the parking lot of Gracie's house (where she appears in the encounter). After taking out her guards, just drive it back to a parking spot Formulated by: Spectre95
  11. stupid what did that guy expect the car is like 2in off the ground
  12. Night vision goggles 1. maddogg's mansion 2. shermans dam inside the control tower 3. area 51 on top of one of thoughs searchlight towers those are all the ones I can think of heres a map on some lcations of them NVG stands for night vision Goggles http://hem.bredband.net/708145/weap.html
  13. 7837 People killed 3456 of them I ran over
  14. mine was blue ......WTF Looks like it's random, mine was red Mine was orange and in direct sunlight it turns gold and has a black stripe
  15. I forget the name but the mission where Phil gets his arm blown off and you have to drive him to the hospital.
  16. What are the consucuqses of doing Deal or Reavenge sorryfor my spelling
  17. mine is the hellfury because of its sweet paintjobs
  18. This is version 2 the first one did not show up as a poll IF I missed any cars tell me and I'll put them up there
  19. No, but I fixed it with a sprunk mashine which is wierd in a way but its fixed topic ended
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