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  1. Link to my site is in my signature (don't want to break advertising rules here). The pics are on main page.
  2. Magazine of Computerbild-Spiele, a German gaming magazine has some new details about IV. - Pedestrian reactions are more closer to real life that previously - If you die, you'll awake in the nearest hospital without weapons - You need to start your car's engine manually by pressing a button - Niko uses helmet while driving motorcycles - Gunshots leave marks - Game is set in this year They also got new screenshots, you can see them in GTANet forums or in my site.
  3. Alistair some vehicles are confirmed but no image yet.
  4. Geez, just wanted to hear other opinions about it...
  5. I made a page with nearly all vehicles that appeared on trailers: http://gtacartel.com/article.php?id=99
  6. Man don't take it so seriously! It's just something that i quickly thought.
  7. Yes but think like this: Both are lawyers and the quote "Videogames kill people" is really dumb and somewhat reflects Thompson's attidute towards games.
  8. I just had a wacko idea. Goldberg, a lawyer who Niko has to kill in the game says "I don't fear guns. You know, guns don't kill people - Videogames kill people." Maybe Rockstar got inspiration to Goldberg from Jack Thompson , lol!
  9. I think this is about psychology, not philosophy.
  10. I recently began playing the old GTA's through
  11. Is there enough interest to mess with old GTA games?
  12. Open Window Media Player Then go to Tools | Options In Options, select the Performance Tab Way below you click on the Advanced Button Uncheck “Use Overlays’ Other methods: Instead of the Print Screen Method - try pressing “CTRL+I”. This pops up a save as window after capturing the screenshot After you open Window Media Player. Go to Tools | Options | Performance Tab. You will see a picture similar to the first image above. Reduce the “Video acceleration” from the default Full to None, click ok and then close down media player. Next open the file you want to take a still using the Print Screen method - from press ALT and the PrintScrn key to copy an image of media player to the clipboard. (from http://www.quickonlinetips.com/archives/20...-media-player/)
  13. Me too..maybe they removed it because WTC thing i dont know....
  14. For music Winamp definately but sometimes i prefer WMP for videos.
  15. "Another cut is that of Darkel [4][5], an in-game character, for the final version of the game. Mentioned in several early video game publications and websites, Darkel was to be a revolutionary urchin who vowed to bring down the city's economy. One mission involved stealing an ice cream van, using it to attract pedestrians, then blowing it up[14] (this mission would eventually be given by El Burro instead in the final version of game to kill a group of gang members). Darkel was also originally expected to give out Rampage-like missions,[15] and even had his voice recorded for this part.[16] Rockstar later decided that they would like to go back to the original system of giving out rampages as featured in Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2. Although Darkel and his missions were removed indefinitely, the character remains listed in the manual's credits, as well as having a character texture retained in the game's data files.[17] Another reminisce of Darkel's existence is an abandoned tunnel in the city, associated with the character in the official website, and includes four homeless people in a group wielding Molotov cocktails. Both the tunnel and the four homeless people are retained in the final version of the game." ^Wikipedo
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