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  1. this site suxxxxx....f***erss created this sittee
  2. well making it a random f***ing topic! I M BACK!
  3. @thegtaguy its your mistake, he should not return it to you! @carnage hey i nedd a user bar with effects and text* Mother f***ing Don= RAM*
  4. no need to show samples when i know i can make better userbars than you!
  5. its a pity that you take tips to make silly sigs!
  6. TGTAP COOL USERBARS Regular #10$ with picture # 5$ without picture #FREE RANDOM with and without picture Special(OFFERS) # 2 userbars With cool fonts 15$ # 3 userbars with awesome fonts 20$ # 4 userbars random 10$ CONDITIONS APPLY
  7. happy b'day bitch.....have a nice one!
  8. what the f***?

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