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  1. Dunno Chrissy, hvor i landet er du fra?

  2. Which cars, bikes, boats and planes do you want in Gta IV post here... As goes for me i want the stinger back, and i want some more every day cars like the admiral or the premier...
  3. Yes, yes i am from GTAForums, why?

  4. True but it would still be cool... The wet clothes could slow him down a bit, make him feel heavier Yea that would be cool, but i dont think it will be made for GTA IV, because i think its gonna be one of the hardest things to make for any game, unless R* uses realtime reflections and shadows... - nabo
  5. That sounds great, and like when Nico get's on a bike he automatecally get a helmet and a biker outfit, thats gonna be great...
  6. nabo

    I feel there will be snow

    Only the PSP version. Damn that sucks, i only have the ps2 version but why did they remove it on the PS2 version?
  7. The Liberty City Stories mayor R.C. Hole was killed and the ban was considered before then. No major was killed in GTA III. It was, well its quite a long time since ive played GTA III or LCS, another reason that the ban was removed could be that people started striking again...
  8. As i rember it in GTA IIi the mayor was killed so the new mayor could have removed the ban, idk...
  9. nabo

    Which CPU?

    Intel Core2Duo Dual-Core 1.86 ghz...
  10. nabo

    What does your PC have?

    Mine has: 2 gig. Ram An Intel Core 2 Duo Dual-Core 1.86 ghz A ATI Radeon X1300PRO video card with 256 mb ram And 300 gig hard drive 19" Screen - nabo45
  11. nabo

    graphic card!

    I have an ATI Radeon X1300PRO card, i would reccomend if youre just using your somputer for simple gaming, getting a nVidia 8600GTS next week, damn am i the only one on this forum that has ATI? - nabo45
  12. nabo

    What are you watching right now?

    Im watching Top Gear, the episode where they turn a car into a space shuttle...
  13. Do you speak any swedish?

  14. nabo

    What are you listening to right now?

    Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills
  15. nabo

    What are you listening to right now?

    Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour
  16. nabo

    GTA 4 pre release

    I voted no, because i think that it will spoil the game to get an unfinished version and when you get the real version you dont get that wow feeling when you start the game, and i dont think R* will so it either...
  17. nabo

    I feel there will be snow

    I think its gonna be great if the seasons are changing, just think about this, you start the game its summer, a month later its winter dude its gonna rock...
  18. I really don't hope so, but then again with the realisim thing i hope they will get rid of it... - nabo45
  19. Love it, and heavy metal and skating. to yall that dont know it's Don Vito in my personal photo...

  20. nabo

    Sexual Preference

  21. nabo

    Favorite Radio Station

    I voted Flash FM, because it was the first radio station i listened to in vice city, and it also has the best songs in the game...
  22. nabo

    Favourite Fast Food Restaraunt

    I personaly hate fast food, it's so greasy and i just dont feel like i wanna eat it, id rather have some good italian food or some danish food...
  23. nabo

    Your VCS rating

    I would give 5/10 because i dont like the storyline... i really think Rockstar failed with those Gta Stories games...
  24. nabo

    Best 6 star getaway car

    I would have to say the cheetah, beacuse the handling is very smooth and it's fast...
  25. nabo

    Police respect

    Yea that sounds great, and if you have like -200 you could go to the nearest police station and bribe the officer and you be at 0 again...