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  1. gta master

    who did you hate

    gently caress loc gangster for life not die loc
  2. gta master

    Have you ever gotten a........

    it could be cheats it happens me to about every week
  3. gta master


    i cleard 5 or 6 in a cheata ever trid it in a truck with trailer
  4. gta master

    faverirte plane/heli

    Yes. You know how slow the AT-400 seems? Yet it's the fastest one. Just fly straight and watch your radar map, look how fast everything passes by. \ Plus the fact that people have done speed tests((ten second timing and seeing how far each vehicle went in ten seconds)). ive done loads at 400 hidra hunter shamel
  5. gta master

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    i saw they need more hard missons manshions more sports cars and a dashbord
  6. gta master

    did you like the music

    i agree but it did not touch v rock and it did not get near it
  7. gta master

    Hostage Situation

    I likie the idea i will see if i can get find a pic about it
  8. gta master

    crap cars

    Yeah, you can. Its just hard to keep the cars on it. (Not really hard, but if you drive bad it is.) Street Sweeper and Lawn Mower > all. I just hate the Fbi rancher. Its too long. the fbi rancher was ok but it was long
  9. gta master

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    i cant think of much right now a speedometer more hills for more air
  10. gta master

    BIG problem help please!

    delet all mods reinstal the game
  11. gta master

    What's yo favorite Radio Station?

    wildstyle vcpr
  12. gta master

    which is the superior game?

    there good in there time period
  13. gta master

    Favorite Boss

    i say the colornel cause he is and of his daughter steve scoot was ok cause of candy
  14. gta master

    do you like sr movies

    i have both