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  1. Poochie Lue

    VW Golf R-32 Screenshot

    I justed wanted to take a screen shot
  2. Poochie Lue

    New Skin

    I call it Tommy Risky because I got my idea from Risky Business Took me ages to make but I like the result Tommy_Risky_.zip
  3. Poochie Lue


    OK, I just wanted to stop by and see how things were going and when I returned, I checked out the graphics section and look what I see; All the people I hate for some reason or another are banned.... hoar By the way, I'm not sure if this is suppose to be in The Dungeon
  4. Poochie Lue

    Look At This

    I'm not the one who called it gay and I don't think I'm smarter than any of you, but your buddy pryo does.
  5. Poochie Lue

    Look At This

    Why do you have to act so childish? Why are you do you have to ask silly questions? I said his or her, this means there may or may not be a mod that’s a female, I'm trying not to discriminate or be sexist in any way that is why I said his or. Pyro I quit, I'm going to stop playing your little game. I know arguing with me is the climax of your day (in simplier terms arguing with me is the best part or highlight of your day), but this is getting really old really fast. And for my intelligence...yea your much smarter than me...Oh by the way it is intelligence not "iuntelligence", but what do I know your the one with the higher intellectual capacity. As for the 10%...whatever....Now I see why big left, all this constant arguing and unfair mods....
  6. Poochie Lue

    Look At This

    How can they be good, but stupid looking? Does that really make sense? Isn't that what makes my sigs unique? Hmmm, is today team up on Poochie? All I did was tell you how I felt about your sig. Just to show how you can take other peoples opinions . Why must you act so immature...on that note I'm finished with arguing with you all. Skyline.... no comment, that was a really silly statement. EDIT: Why is my Warning at 10 percent? Someone must be abusing his or her mod powers. No one even told me what I did ...reported
  7. Poochie Lue

    My new DS logos

    I don't really like the first one, maybe a new text, the second one is much better
  8. Poochie Lue

    Look At This

    Looks like someone is in denial...stuck in the closet I see or are you so scared your hiding under the bed... We all know who the real homosexual is he just isn't man enough to admit it....pyro Its OK, pyro you can come out, we won't judge you
  9. Poochie Lue

    Look At This

    lol fruity and gay maybe, but this just simply shows that you only seen about 2 or 3 of my creations and what’s with the homophobia, and how can I be a good artist if my graphics are fruity, dumb, and wasted on degradable designs? You make no sense, you say I'm a good graphic artist, but all my works are so called fruity. When you say fruity your implying that something’s "bad" which from my perspective you are calling it bad. Please express clearly what you trying to say. By the way you should visit my deviant art page, you just won't see fruity and gay creations with stars and glitter all over them on them (which is actually called pixel dust). http://poochielue.deviantart.com/ For the record wasn’t this between me and www.Spasmod.ToM?
  10. Poochie Lue

    Look At This

    Your sig is trendy 1. Everyone used transparent cuts threw there sig 2. I've seen that blood spike tut all over (and yes I've seen people with it on there sigs) 3. That text is common 4. BG looks like you used a tut or you just used some filters OVERALL: 3. Who cares if its "trendy"? Shouldnt your own sig be the way you want it? I happen to like the bloody tentacles((or in my sig's case poles or whatever)), and most people here know i love transparency. You said your sig wasn't trendy, you said it was "crative" See
  11. Poochie Lue

    Look At This

    Your sig is trendy 1. Everyone used transparent cuts threw there sig 2. I've seen that blood spike tut all over (and yes I've seen people with it on there sigs) 3. That text is common 4. BG looks like you used a tut or you just used some filters OVERALL: :
  12. Poochie Lue

    Just to show

    Just to show you all that I havn't lost my touch...here is my first C 4d render http://www.deviantart.com/view/6370243/
  13. Poochie Lue

    Best signature

    Well I did, I use to suck hard...but I'm teaching you all a lesson To get better you have to take the good comments with the bad, When everyone use to tell me that I sucked I would try harder and harder until I got better
  14. Poochie Lue

    Look At This

    And yet another n00b opens his mouth.... Um yea, you should really learn different styles, what I made is creative...its a type of grunge, but you wouldn't know because your just a silly tutorial/trend/filter whore ....Dungen maybe
  15. Poochie Lue

    Look At This

    Lol, ok Poochie, before critisizing, atleast know what your talking about. I used very little filters on the first one((i used shear and i believe thats all to shape a few tentacles)) and on the second one i used absolutly 0 filters. The wide range of colors and the weird shapes, are layers with different layer styles set to make, riiight, images. The ends justify the means and they still suck better luck next time
  16. Poochie Lue

    Best signature

    They all suck....wow you added a pic and text...no vote for me
  17. Poochie Lue

    Look At This

    Wow...they sucks Well anyway tone down on the filters
  18. Poochie Lue

    New Sig

    Well here it is
  19. Poochie Lue

    New Sig

    well everyone has there own opinions
  20. Poochie Lue

    My first Matrix effect sig !

    everyone makes at least one matrix sig
  21. Poochie Lue

    New Sig

    Pixel fonts work with pieces with pixel dust
  22. Poochie Lue

    Google, Altavista, or something else.

    Google all the way
  23. Poochie Lue

    AAAH! IM SEEING..... Squirrels?

    well as you can see from the dates, I typed that before he was banned dil hole
  24. Poochie Lue

    trial siggy

    not too shabby, prety good