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    What Japanese Smiley Are You?

    I am kiss. |(^3^)| You Are "Kiss" What Japanese Smiley Are You? http://www.blogthings.com/whatjapanesesmileyareyouquiz/
  2. -BELiEVER-

    The Simpsons Personality Test

    You Are Bart Simpson Very misunderstood, most people just dismiss you as "trouble." Little do they know that you're wise and well accomplished beyond your years. You will be remembered for: starring in your own TV show and saving the town from a comet Your life philosophy: "I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I'll do it again!" The Simpsons Personality Test http://www.blogthings.com/thesimpsonspersonalitytest/ Yay for general answers. -__-
  3. -BELiEVER-

    Hottest Member

    Sperman is the hottest in here fo sho. oh 1.) Sherman 2.) Chris 3.) Dave 8)
  4. -BELiEVER-

    Sexual Preference

    I had to lean towards the straight side because while I love slapping a guys' ass every now and then and talking "gay", I have a girlfriend and I AM crushing on more than one girl and I know that girl/guy is crushing on me back. I think that makes me a pimp lolz
  5. -BELiEVER-

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Sorry guys, newds later.
  6. -BELiEVER-


    Skyline is teh sexiest person ever.
  7. -BELiEVER-

    Linkin Park

    I seem to like Fort Minor now more than Linkin Park. I really didn't like Linkin Park to begin with though, but Fort Minor is a pretty good band with some good beats. Mike Shinoda is a Hip-Hop God.
  8. -BELiEVER-

    EX4.20 Jet

    Wow, that's pretty tight. I wish I had GTA on computer now. I'm not dead! <3
  9. -BELiEVER-

    Happy birthdaY sky

    HOLY CRAP I'M OLDER THAN YOU?!?! gg. Happy birthday Sherman, you should've told me!!<3
  10. -BELiEVER-


    Hmm? It's basically a DDR emulator for your PC using your keyboard. You can get it at http://stepmania.com and the online-enabled version at http://stepmania-online.com. If you get the latter, my gamename is PsyballaTHPS. OH, before I forget, you need songs. http://bemanistyle.com is usually a great place to get songs.. but they're not up now. Normally you can get the original "official" Konami mixes at http://ddruk.com Happy dancing!
  11. -BELiEVER-


    When it comes back up, you can download single packs from bemanistyle.com which are about 1-3 MB each.. but if you use the songs from flashflashrevolution.com which are.. just about up, they're the same size. If you just want songs to play.
  12. -BELiEVER-

    Introduce Yourself..

    Who here remembers me? I hope Skyline does. >=3
  13. -BELiEVER-


    LOL... you have to download special *packs* or make your own using Xstep. http://psy.thpspc.com has some songs for download. You extract the files to C:\Program Files\Stepmania CVS\Songs so if you have the SONG files you put them in a PACK folder. Like instead of \Time Bomb\ You'd have \Rancid Songs\Time Bomb. If you need help, IM me at LoLJustinsonFire.
  14. -BELiEVER-

    What game consoles do you own

    I own a PS2, an XBOX, a PC, a PSP, a Sega Dreamcast, and a Sega Genesis.
  15. -BELiEVER-

    'Wacky Web Tales'

  16. -BELiEVER-

    San Andreas Given AO Rating!

    What he said, except my parents would probably never know about this.
  17. -BELiEVER-

    RATE Person above you

    Whahahat the gently caress?! Avatar : 10/10 It's good! I did the wrong person.
  18. -BELiEVER-

    Three Word Story

    television containing various
  19. -BELiEVER-

    Three Word Story

    with Sky's behemoth
  20. -BELiEVER-

    Politician wants San Andreas rated AO

    These attempts at barring the youth from media such as this are futile because everyone knows minors WILL get their hands on this some point in time, no matter HOW hard the parents try to shield their kids from it. Now I speak from experience that this will happen and it's unavoidable. So who is it for the ESRB to make a game that is for adults only? As a matter of fact, why is there a job that allows anyone to block anyone from any type of content just because of age? People that have been led to commit crimes that were due to videogames are individuals, not EVERYBODY is as mentally unstable as these individuals. So why, again are they attempting to bar these types of content from the minors? Most of them are ABOVE the legal age anyway, and they KNOW what they have done. So in short, this guy WON'T get the ESRB to change the rating of Grand Theft Auto from Mature to Adults Only. Good day, my daily rant is done.
  21. -BELiEVER-

    green day vs blink 182

    Goldfinger always wins.
  22. -BELiEVER-

    Three Word Story

    that felt good
  23. -BELiEVER-

    Sig requests?

    Yeah, I make sigs. I made one for FaLse a while back but he didn't use it :/ so if anybody has any requests just tell me: The text you want in the sig (Font too, but that's optional) How much you're willing to pay Colors Style Deadline And that you love me. (J.k you don't have to do that last one ) [EDIT]I'll PM you if the price is REASONABLE or not.[/EDIT]
  24. -BELiEVER-

    PlayStation 3 Unveiled, GTA4 Confirmed!

    I'm already trying to save up for BOTH XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 because I hear that Tony Hawk's American Wasteland will stay on Ps2 but hey, I'm a Sony Fanboy for life plus it's coming out on XBOX 360 so I'm definitely getting that ALONG with Perfect Dark 2. Both their specs seem really advanced, I can't wait.
  25. -BELiEVER-

    Milkyboy's graphics

    Hmm.. guess it's too far back but I'm still making sigs for 50-500$ depending on specifics of sig.