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  1. Lego20

    Do you have a classic?

    I was wondering if one of you have a classic. I'm downloading GTA2 now.
  2. Lego20

    Favourite Pokemon?

    I dont like pokemon but my favourite pokemon is megagross.
  3. Lego20

    The Random Post Topic

    wow lots of post lol...
  4. Lego20

    Great Browser Poll

    I have Internet Explorer 6... (Its slow LOL)
  5. Lego20

    Grand theft tendo

    I have never had heard of grand theftendo b4, bet its fake...
  6. Lego20

    First GTA?

    Mine was Vice city.
  7. Lego20


    7.62mm maybe u should stop thinking about the audiance or person your talking to, just think that your talking to yourself. I think...
  8. Lego20


    THats a really nice picture you've got, nice work.
  9. Lego20

    Tigers And Pigs

    wheelman wat a funny video you've got there wow. Good 4 u 4 finding that video. Interesting...
  10. Lego20

    Does Clubpenguin suk more than Runescape?

    Okay, I stop. Anyway I wasn't trying to make some other website suk more than RS. So yea...
  11. Lego20

    What should I get my Girlfriend :)

    7.62mm maybe u should get your gf somethin expensive.(that would probaly please her)
  12. Lego20

    Does Clubpenguin suk more than Runescape?

    If u people wanna see wat clubpenguin is go (mod edit) google it or don't waste your time.
  13. Lego20


    Does anyone here even like runescape?
  14. Lego20

    Can You Cook?

    I can cook a little.
  15. Lego20


    I dont really care if RS has bad gfx,somehow I dont get bored playin it.
  16. Lego20

    Do you have it?

    Im gonna get gta advance.
  17. Lego20

    Your Games Collection

    i dont have many games but here they are: DS *R4 GBA *Kirby *Starsky & Hutch *yoshi island 3 *gundam force *Urbz sims in the city *mario kart *Metal gun slinger *Aladdin *digimon battle spirit 2 *namco museum 50th anniversary *Operation Liberty
  18. Lego20


    What is your username on RS?
  19. Lego20


    pokemon is real boring.
  20. Lego20

    MrLlamaLlama's GFX [CLOSED]

    When I try to go to freeimagehosting.net it doesent load so could you get me the code.
  21. Lego20

    MrLlamaLlama's GFX [CLOSED]

    Thanks ,and i dont need the avatar.
  22. When is the store gonna be updated?!
  23. Lego20

    Which forum members have you met?

    I have met you InvincibleDonkey and I might meet Artur.