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  1. Hm? What do you mean by 'Zapped?' Also I changed my sig again since I joined KFM. AND MY NAME ISN'T SHAGZZ so quit calling me that. The correct name is Shaggz.
  2. Doom-Gaming Forums are for any kind of gaming, its not about the game Doom, its about your requests for cheats/ Forum help blah blah. So please join today. |Doom-Gaming Forums|
  3. Nelly and Tim Mcgraw, 'cept Tim ain't all rappy. But those two Fo sho.
  4. I don't know the point of this poll, so I'm not voting at all. Whats a Vargo? Hmm?
  5. Yeah, really, What is the point of making a topic about a avatar from the avatar gallery? And Your sig, Spaz.... It is awesome, I loved that episode of South Park.
  6. I don't understand your sig........
  7. I know I can, too. I was just searching threw Yahoo! Image Search and found it, so I used it.
  8. It looks nice, Will, good luck with your forums...
  9. They look awesome, Spaz! I wish I could make sigs like that, really technological.
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