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  1. gtagurl

    fave gang car

    the Mafia sentail!
  2. gtagurl

    when your bored

    when im bored i just play on the ps2 or i just listen to some music!!!
  3. gtagurl

    Favourite radio station ?

    mine is radio los santo's coz it is kl
  4. sonny coz he try kill tommy but at the end he get kill
  5. $364558844555,4755845454564,58445 i don't use cheat i find money n do mission
  6. gtagurl

    your favourite gang .

    my fave gang is the mafia
  7. gtagurl

    Hi I am new

    i will stay here 4eva n thx
  8. gtagurl

    Hi I am new

    lol i neva be 2 Manchester be4 lol
  9. gtagurl

    Hi I am new

    Thnx for the welcomes, guys
  10. gtagurl

    Hi I am new

    thx guy i live in london
  11. gtagurl

    Is San Andreas The Best GTA Game Ever?

    gta san andeas is the best
  12. gtagurl

    Hi I am new

    thx u i am stay here 4eva lol
  13. gtagurl

    Your Favourite Area?

    my fave area is Los Santos is a bit bored lol
  14. gtagurl

    Whats your favorite thing in san andreas?

    my fave is jetpack n play pool n swimmin lol
  15. gtagurl

    Hi I am new

    thx nick